100% Romanian devices recommended for people with low immunity

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A 100% Romanian brand has conquered users around the world with environmental and medical devices based on salt air microparticles. The devices are patented, medically certified, and medals winner because they support and help prevent and treat various diseases of the respiratory system.

Salin environmental devices

The Salin story began in 1995, when the inventor Constantin Pascu, inspired by limestone structures like those in Pamukkale, Turkey, but also by the salt karst from Meledic, began to make saline fountains and decorative pieces from salt.

In 2002, Constantin Pascu built in Mierea, Buzău County, a factory dedicated to the production of Salin devices. They are patented, medals winner and awarded at numerous international inventors’ congresses, such as the Brussels Congress or the Geneva Congress.

Salin devices also have some of the most demanding medical certifications: CE class 1 medical certificates, for the entire EU area, and the SaltMed inhaler is CE class II medically certified, by Bureau Veritas from Italy.

Effects of Saline on general health

The effects of Saline devices are felt on the general state of health. Very good results have been obtained in the complementary treatment of various respiratory diseases, such as asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, respiratory allergies, TB sequelae, respiratory failure on the heart or thyroid, respiratory problems on an immune basis low.

“We looked for ten people with significant respiratory problems and gave them the devices. The results came immediately, because they made consistent differences in health and noticed a state of well-being. With these first results, we managed, after many attempts, to attract an investment of 5,000 euros and we set up a company in March 2000 “, said Constantin Pascu, the inventor of Salin devices.

Original article on styleandthecity.ro