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The effect of saline air on health

The general effect that saline air has is to activate the elimination of secretions from the respiratory system with the release of airways and major reduction of inflammatory phenomena. In this way, the respiratory system works better, and the effects are seen in an extremely wide range of health problems involving the respiratory system. It is not about the action on some diseases as a medicine, but about the action on the respiratory system as a whole. This leads to effects such as massive secretions during the first days of use by people with sinusitis, rapid relief of asthma attacks, decreased intensity of allergic attacks or consistent reduction of respiratory infections.

General effects of health

The general beneficial effect on the respiratory system of the use of the SALIN devices also implies the fact that healthy people or with various respiratory diseases will have a series of general beneficial effects:

Therapeutic effects

The use of Salin devices by people with respiratory diseases has highlighted a number of beneficial effects in a wide range of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases.

People with respiratory problems will very quickly feel a significant improvement in air quality, which will thus become easier to breathe and fresher. At the same time, it is very possible to quickly find significant favourable effects, such as using antiasthmatic sprays less or not at all. However, we recommend that you pay special attention to the approach of your current health problems.

Due to its beneficial effects, the SALIN air purifier is recommended as an adjuvant, generally to people with respiratory problems, but also to healthy people, to increase the resistance of the respiratory system. Also, in pneumological diseases, favourable results were obtained in asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, silicosis, recovery from TB and cystic fibrosis. Favourable effects have also been noted in various other cases of respiratory failure, such as those on the heart or thyroid.

**Caution – do not modify the current therapeutic procedures without the recommendation of your doctor.

Preventive medical effects

The main mechanism of protection of the body against respiratory infections is ensured by the optimal functioning of the mucociliary system that covers the inside of the respiratory system from the tip of the nose to the alveoli of the lungs. The mucociliary system is a protective barrier of the body against external aggressors present in the inspired air – dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses. Because saline air activates the mucociliary system, the use of Salin devices appears to be an effective method of prevention.

Follow-up studies and many long-term users of Salin devices have shown a major reduction in seasonal viral or bacterial respiratory infections.

Efecte generale ale sănătății

Environmental hygienic effects

By using the SALIN device, there is a general effect of improving air quality by:

***For some uses such as dust retention or odour removal there are other more efficient systems if problems are important, such as HEPA filters or air ozonation devices.

****The use of Salin devices in spaces with a lot of dust, humidity, smoke will reduce the duration of use of saline filters that will lose their main capacity faster, that of salinizing the air for general therapeutic, preventive, or medical effects.


Specialized studies presented by doctors or specialists in the medical field.

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Forced air ionization of the air from the room

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