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  • By using Salin devices, good and very good results have been obtained in various respiratory diseases, such as asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchiectasis, respiratory allergies, TB sequelae, silicosis, cystic fibrosis, respiratory failure, thyroid, respiratory problems occurred against a weak immune background. Cough attacks that usually accompany most of these diseases are reduced immediately, until they disappear completely.
  • The effects of the Salin therapy are also felt on the general state of health, being recommended to people with low immunity and predisposition to diseases, especially children or the elderly.
  • Although it depends a lot on the type and stage of the health problems, the effects can be felt from the first day of use. Most patients described that they felt favourable results after the second week of use.
  • For best results, a daily exposure time of 8-10 hours is recommended, preferably at night, in the bedroom, but any exposure to saline air at work or at home is useful.
  • As far as possible, Salin devices can also be used in playgrounds for children and for adults in the office, where it has been found that, among other things, it reduces the effects of harmful agents and pollution, the smell of cigarette smoke and the effects of air conditioning.

The Salin S2 and Salin Plus environmental devices are particularly comfortable to use and have consistent beneficial effects in many situations. It is the most convenient choice, especially in situations where it is more difficult to involve the one who has problems.

The InSalin Inhaler can be an immediate help for situations where certain actions or places can cause respiratory discomfort. More intense sports activities, areas with respiratory delusions, very dry air from the plane.

SaltMed medical inhalers represent for situations with special respiratory medical problems is the best choice that will allow rigorous control of therapy. User cooperation is required as it involves the use of an inhalation mask. The therapeutic process is effective at much shorter recommended exposure times than environmental systems.

SALIN systems do not exclude each other, they complement each other for both environmental and functional coverage of saline air therapy to ensure maximum efficiency depending on the respiratory problem and the patient.

  • Studies have shown that the use of Salin devices does not create addiction or side effects and is not incompatible with other therapeutic methods.

The principle of operation of Salin devices does not involve liquid solutions, but only the use of crystallized salt filters, which actually retain moisture. High humidity is contraindicated for the use of the devices because it can destroy the salt filter by retaining water until the salt liquefies.

For use, the Salin device is put into operation and placed in a room (preferably at a height of 0.4 – 0.8 m) so that users can breathe the air filtered by the Salin devices.

The sound produced by Salin devices comes from a fan similar to the one that equips a computer. Normally, Salin devices do not make a loud noise, and it is possible to use them at night, while the person with respiratory problems is resting.

If the noise from the fan bothers you, turn the device on at low speed of the fan on the control knob during the night. You can leave the fan on a low speed and run permanently. If you cannot stand the noise at all during the night, let the device run at high fan speed during the day and turn it off during the night.

The operation of the device makes possible the dispersion in the air of some salt microcrystals, an extremely small amount of microscopic crystals that is taken and inspired by patients.

It is very unlikely that patients or people in the room where Salin operates will taste small amounts of salt.

NO. The amount of salt inhaled is very small, and most of this amount is absorbed by the mucus of the airways and then eliminated by sputum.

Patients reported decreased intensity and termination of snoring following Salin therapy. The effect is due to the effects of sodium ions that decrease oropharyngeal oedema and palatal vault, which are usually associated with snoring.

Through the cleansing effects of the mucus inside the upper and lower respiratory tract, Salin therapy facilitates during sleep the increase in the amount of oxygen absorbed by the body and thus the relaxation of the body and the faster recovery of the body’s energy.


Specialized studies presented by doctors or specialists in the medical field.

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