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Patient’s opinions about SALIN devices

Patient’s opinions about SALIN devices

I'm very happy with the Salin Plus device. I have had sinusitis and allergic rhinitis for many years and feel the difference every time I use it. For those with chronic problems like me, it is the ideal solution because I no longer have to go to the saline or use antiallergics that also have side effects. I recommend it!
September 2020
Excellent device. I found out about this product in 2010 and started using it since 2011. It helps me a lot, both at home and in the office. It refreshes the air and is a reliable ally in the fight against allergies, asthma, runny nose, colds. My health problems have improved significantly since using the S2 Salin device. A Romanian product that I am very proud of. 🙂
Lacramioara F.
March 2020
An excellent product, just yesterday I changed its spare, very pleased with it, I recommend it with great pleasure.
Mioara T.
September 2020
I bought the device in august 2020 and I can tell you that it is excellent! I don't know why our doctors don't recommend it to patients?
November 2020
Efecte generale ale sănătății
Excellent product. The child has a deviated septum and used to breathe very difficultly at night, but this device helps him to fall asleep easily and breathe very well. Very good during the periods of the colds

Q: When did you find out about Salin and how did your story with Salin begin? A: The Salin device was recommended to us by the paediatrician when she found out that the child has a deviated septum, this being the reason why he always has a stuffy nose.

Q: What have been the benefits of using Salin devices on your health and family? A: Now he breathes well at night and sleeps peacefully.

Q: Why would you recommend Salin devices to others?/strong> A: It is good in any situation, and for my situation was excellent.
Emilia O.
November 2020
The effects described on this site can be seen from the first day of use. We hoped to make at least some of the benefits presented, but it was a very pleasant alleviated my problems caused by bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis (manifested quite severely - from dust & pollen I also got an onset of sinusitis because it was not treated). Therefore, for me personally, this device worked and I am just sorry I didn't discover it sooner ... I would have got rid earlier of the dependence on nasal wipes, sleep problems (stuffy nose that quite often causes insomnia ), excessive tears, etc. (almost the whole package). :))
Alexandra B.
July 2020
I bought Salin Plus about 1 year ago. For us it was very effective and for our 10-year-old boy who has an allergic rhinitis and was every month on antibiotic treatment. In the first week it caused us a slight cough, and my husband has not snored so hard anymore since we used it and our boy breathes very well at night even if he still has mild forms of seasonal viroses. I have not written until now because I wanted to see the long-term results. In my opinion, it is worth the investment
Daniela C.
September 2020
I bought this product 5 months ago for my 3-year-old boy who suffers from allergic asthma. I used it every night, it practically went 8-10 hours continuously every day. The results were not seen immediately, but in about 3 weeks-a month his snoring disappeared, he no longer had any respiratory infection (in the conditions where he had a cold once a month) and he sleeps much better. The device exudes a slightly cold air, but very pleasant, I positioned it on the bedside table, with the side towards our bed. As for silence, I always left it on an intermediate stage, but for those who are less sensitive to noise it goes even on the strongest stage (I slept very well a few times with it and at maximum speed, given that I was less than a meter away). The spare had to be changed after 4 months in our case. In short, an excellent product!
May 2020
I bought the Salin device for my daughter, who had bronchiolitis and IACRS. As with any valuable product, the results were seen over time. Thank you!
Oana G.
July 2020
Very good device! I have been using it for about 6 months and I am very happy with it. It helps me get rid of colds, flu, viroses quickly. It helps me breathe better. Well done to those who invented it!!!
April 2020
Chest infections and allergic rhinitis
Salin plus was helpful to the little man in the photo, who suffered from respiratory problems and allergic rhinitis. His mother, Elaine, shared his story with us. The Salin Plus device helped the boy who suffered from chest infections, colds, allergic rhinitis and was also diagnosed with the onset of asthma. Since birth, he has been given various medications to relieve his respiratory problems including antibiotics, steroids, nebulizers, and inhalers.

Elaine purchased the Salin Plus device when her little boy was 1 year old. "I noticed from the first night of use that my boy's condition improved and in a week he felt well. In about a month after we began to use it, he stopped coughing during the night. Now we use only the inhaler preventively, no longer needing other drugs. My little boy is now 2 years old and feels very well. I bought the Salin Plus device when he was 12 months old. We really don't conceive not having this product.
Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
We return by presenting the case of a girl with a rarer condition. The positive results of the Salin device can only make us happy. We thank to our distributor in Ireland for this post.

Here is what the mother shares: "my was diagnosed with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disease that affects both the liver and the lungs. Some of the symptoms that Amy shows are chest pain, colds, bronchitis, chronic cough, and expectoration with sputum. Since Amy started using the Salin Plus device, specifically in August 2019, her health has improved significantly. Amy can breathe better and has even started to have a more peaceful night's sleep; it has also been noticed to reduce the level of infection, which means much rarer cold.
Our story with Salin began about two years ago, after a visit to Cacica saline where we were impressed by the effects of the indoor air, so we looked for something similar for home. I chose something Romanian and I do not regret it. I ordered a Salin Plus device (which I have been using for ~1.5 years at home) and a Salin S2 device (which my mother uses in a room of about 12 sq.m.). No one in the family suffers from lung diseases, we use them for prophylactic purposes. I noticed easier breathing, more restful sleep and I have the impression that I have become more resistant to cold.
Radu P
November 2020
I have asthmatiform bronchitis, I used a special spray for my condition. In 2011 I was looking for a naturist alternative and found Salin S2 which I keep in my bedroom. Since I started using it, I have given up the medicines for bronchitis, it helps me to breathe much more easily, without sprays and medicines. In 2018 I also took a Salin Plus that I keep in the living room, I am satisfied with this product. At the same time, I noticed that since we started using it, we do not catch colds so easily anymore.
Eugen O
October 2020
I first heard about Salin devices 4 years ago from a daddy at my older boy's kindergarten. When I got home, I started searching the internet and found this device. I started using the Salin S2 device for my boy who was 4 years old at the time and after a wrong antibiotic treatment he developed a rather ugly allergic rhinitis. He coughed from March to June and from September to December and in December at Christmas we decided to try this option as well - a little sceptical at first as since March we had tried many syrups, salt lamps, humidifiers. His cough stopped only with cortisone, and when I stopped giving the medicine, the cough used to start over. It was the Christmas holiday and in January Robert could go to the kindergarten without coughing.... I saw the effect very quickly and in the spring the allergist changed his treatment with a weaker one and without coughing and now totally gave up the antiallergic treatment. The benefits would be many for the whole family: we rarely catch a cold 1-2 times a year even though we have 3 children and 2 go to 2 different groups and the biggest benefit is for Robert who coughed very badly being allergic to dust mites, dust and mold. I recommend it with great love and I have recommended it to many acquaintances and friends because it has helped us enormously and the fact that there is no need to give him various syrups is the biggest advantage... and the price of the device was compensated immediately because the syrups and sprays I used before were very expensive...
Valentina M.
November 2020
My story with Salin started when my son was small and would constantly catch a cold or even be sick with a fever almost every 2-3 weeks. My parents, who live in Bucharest, told me that my brother uses a Salin device for the baby, right after birth, and it is very good. They offered to send me one too. We did not want to, because we were convinced that we would have heard of the device in Germany, where we live, if it had been so good. I did not want another device left unused in the house. A few months later, in 2009, the boy received a gift from his grandparents by post. He opened it happily and came across the Salin S2 device. I immediately plugged it in and waited to see what happened. Now it was in the house anyway and the child wanted it. The first night I used it, I was convinced that the little one had a bad cold again, coughing non-stop, even though he was sleeping. After a few days of constant coughing, I realized that he was blowing better and better at the peak flow-meter. His bronchial capacity was getting better. We were happy and realized that he was coughing up what was in the bronchi. The more he used the device, the boy became ill every three weeks instead of two, then every 4 weeks… Since 2009 he has been using the device without a break and is now one of the healthiest teenagers. I was allergic to house dust and needed at least 2-3 handkerchiefs every night. I did not even know what it was like not to always have a runny nose. Since 2010 I have also been using Salin and I no longer need antiallergics or handkerchiefs. Saline devices cannot hurt you, they cannot be used too much (overdose), they are not expensive and they manage to help you no matter how you do: for the sick, it gradually regenerates, for the healthy ones as a preventive measure, for athletes for a better performance.
Andreea B.
from Germany
October 2020
I read that salt therapy is very effective in respiratory diseases. I was hoping it could help my son who has asthma. Usually, in February and throughout the spring, asthma attacks worsened, causing sneezing, coughing and interrupted sleep. This caused a chest infection. More medication and absences from school followed. However, this did not happen in 2017. It was the first time in 10 years that Adam was healthy and still doing well. We use the Salin Plus purifier every night in his room. He sleeps well without being affected by the severe cough. He has enough energy and his asthma medication has been reduced. I can only conclude by saying that Salin Plus helped Adam stay healthy. I recommend this product without any hesitation because it worked very well for us.
Lorna K.
from Ireland
September 2020
I purchased a Salin Plus device in January 2019 because I was advised that it could help my 2-year-old son, who had developed a cough every time he caught a cold and which got worse during the night and disturbed his sleep. I also tried a vaporizer and a steam humidifier, but I did not see much improvement. After a few nights of using the Salin Plus device, I noticed an improvement in my son's health, he was no longer bothered by that cough that appeared during the night's sleep. I used this device even for myself when I felt that a cold could appear. I recommended the Salin Plus device to other potential users; I really think it is a good investment for any family.
from Ireland
October 2020

Expert opinion about SALIN devices

Along with other natural remedies that optimize human life, there is also the SALIN device, which exploits and updates the old concepts, according to which any salt mine is a health house. My opinion, as a user (for 7 months), as well as an allopathic doctor in the ENT specialty, is that it integrates perfectly into the algorithm of any program for the prevention or recovery of a respiratory infection with the potential for chronicity. The preliminary conclusions of my study on the 25 patients using the SALIN device are encouraging, motivating me to continue my clinical and paraclinical research. All patients reported an improvement in symptoms, increased respiratory comfort, a decrease in acute outbreaks (even during the flu epidemic and infectious-contagious diseases such as chickenpox and epidemic mumps, which were in Timisoara). During the treatment, we used remedies such as vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and vaccines, but we completely gave up antibiotics and antiallergics. In my study there are 25 children aged between 1 and 18 years, with otic pathology, infectious-allergic rhinosinusal, bronchitis, chronic tonsillitis. Although my case study is not rich, the conclusions may be relevant. This group is monitored monthly, in the form of a questionnaire and a complete ENT examination, as well as paraclinically (audio impedance, echosinusal, rhinosinusal radiography, immunological tests). I offer my support in completing the evaluation of the beneficial effects of the SALIN device and I wish a lot of success both to those who designed it and to the users.
primary ENT doctor
I studied the evolution of 22 patients, whom I have registered with lung and respiratory diseases, to whom I recommended the SALIN device. Five patients have asthma, 18 have asthmatic respiratory complications, after respiratory syncytial virus infections, 15 of the subjects being children. We analysed 228 questionnaires sent to patients who used the SALIN device, which presented data after two or several months of use. A number of special cases showed almost spectacular effects: for example, a case of open-heart surgery, in which the user breathes much better and no longer snores during the night; an operated lung neoplasm, a case of leukaemia, two ischemic heart diseases associated with diabetes, a case of pulmonary fibrosis, two kyphosis with chronic respiratory failure and two cases of cystic fibrosis, with pulmonary complications such as bronchiectasis. All showed favourable results, which means that the drug treatment was helped to make its effect by the aerosols produced by the device. In some cases, the composition of the salts on the plates has been modified - for example with iodine or sea salt. The results obtained with the help of the purifier are impressive. For example, we had two cases of whooping cough in which the fit of coughing decreased to the point of disappearance and breathing returned to normal very quickly. The contribution of SALIN in respiratory pathology is considerable, especially in seasonal respiratory diseases and allergic rhinitis.
paediatric pneumophthisiologist
I found out about the Saline device during a difficult period when my children frequently caught a cold, and an acquaintance suggested it to me as a complementary method of treatment. I used the Salin device only during periods of respiratory alternations, both for children and for adults in the family. I noticed the changes that the Salin device produced in the composition of the air in the room, it felt that the air was slightly salty and that it facilitated the elimination of nasal secretions. I warmly recommend the Saline device to all the people who have children and adults who have underlying lung pathology (e.g. asthma), as an aid in ameliorating the symptoms of respiratory infections.
Carmen-Denise-Mihaela Zahiu
University Lecturer, Carol Davila Faculty of Medicine
I personally use the SALIN air purifier and I also recommended it to my patients, because I have already noticed the first beneficial effects: freshening of the air, reducing unpleasant odours, fluidizing and eliminating airway secretions, decreasing the frequency of dyspnoea and decreasing the intensity of asthma attacks, increasing resistance to respiratory infections. This device is an adjunct of a real use in all respiratory diseases, due to the fact that, through a natural method, it offers a real improvement in health, completely free of unwanted side effects. I will confidently recommend the SALIN device to my patients.
Primary physician internal pneumophthisiology
This device clearly reduces the frequency of respiratory diseases. I recommend the device both to children and to adults with respiratory problems.
dr. Aurelia Bobulet
Primary Paediatrician
I recently defended my doctorate with the topic Allergies in ENT and it seemed normal for me to present Mr. Pascu's SALIN device. The idea of this device is very valuable, with the prospect of being amplified. As references we had two great specialists: Prof. Dr. Dorin Sarafoleanu (Sf. Maria Hospital) and Prof. Dr. Mihai Buruiană (Budimex Hospital), who appreciated this invention and showed their willingness to observe it more closely. I also want to present this device at the Balkan Congress in May in Athens and at the French-speaking ENT Congress in September in Belgium. SALIN is good in allergology, immunology, pneumology. Ever since I had the device in the Military Hospital in Iași, I have noticed a visible improvement in the condition of my patients. I am glad that a magazine of the size of Formula AS writes about this device.
dr. Cornel Moscaliuc
ENT doctor at the Military Hospital in Iași


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